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  One never loses anything by politeness.以下是小编为大家搜索整理的历年中级商务英语考试阅读备考训练,希望能给大家带来帮助!更多精彩内容请及时关注我们免费!

    You have your dream interview lined up. Buthow do you ensure that you get the best possiblesalary?

  While the pay for junior-level positions is typicallyfixed, mid- to senior-level employees and managershave more flexibility to negotiate their salaries. Hereare some tips from recruiters and human-resourcemanagers that can help improve your chances ofsnagging a high salary.

  1. Research, research, research

  To get a better salary, begin by figuring out what's the highest you can get. 'Do goodhomework on what are the prevailing salaries for a similar role in the industry,' says SanjayPandit, managing director of recruiting firm Manpower Services India.

  This is easier said than done, because companies don't exactly publish their pay scales inthe newspaper.

  Ask your friends or trustworthy colleagues about potential salaries for someone with yourrelevant experience and skills. If you are working through a recruiting company, they might beable to give you a range.

  Finally, you can try using networking web sites like LinkedIn to connect with people in thefield or company you are applying to, who in turn could provide you with some guidance.

  It might help to dig through the annual reports of the company you are applying to andread recent news reports, in order to figure out how the company is doing financially. A largerand more successful company can afford to pay higher salaries than a smaller or struggling one.

  2. Curb your eagerness

  As with any negotiation, if you convey your eagerness for something, you lose yourbargaining power. 'Whoever shows more interest always gets less,' says Sanjay Muthal,managing director of executive search firm NuGrid Consulting Pvt. Ltd., in Mumbai.

  Candidates need to strike a balance between appearing interested in the particular job,and not appearing too eager.

  Mr. Muthal advises talking about macro issues such as the role you're applying for andpotential responsibilities, rather than discussing the nitty-gritty of expected pay. 'If yougenerate a terrific impression, then salary follows,' he says.

  3. Wait to be asked

  Candidates should not begin the salary discussion because that makes them 'come acrossas being too money-minded,' says Zak Parker, regional HR director of North Africa, Middle East& Southern Asia for security services firm G4S PLC.

  Wait for the company to start the salary negotiation. It might help to delay the discussiontill all interview rounds are over. The further along you are in the interview process, the moreinterested the hiring managers would be in you. That puts you in a better position to ask for ahigher salary, because the manager might go back to the human resources team or thebudgeting team to ask for more money for you.

   Language Points:

  Exam Focus:


  A Ask friends for help.

  B Digging through daily newspaper.

  C Try to get connected with your recruitingcompany.

  D Surf the Internet for more details.


  A If you are interested in your job, you will be better paid.

  B Eagerness is essential in that it gives your employer more pressure on salary issue.

  C Make sure to get a job that you are interested in.

  D Try to hide your feelings so as not to lose the bargaining power.

  Oral Topic:

  In what way can you persuade your boss to raise your salary?


  1 B

  2 D




  1. 研究,研究,再研究

  要争取到更高的薪水,得先弄清楚自己能拿到的最高薪酬是多少。印度职介公司Manpower ServicesIndia总经理潘迪特Sanjay Pandit说,要好好研究一下该行业类似职位的主流薪酬状况。





  2. 不要表现得迫不及待

  在任何谈判中,如果你表现出自己渴望得到某样东西,就会失去谈判的筹码。印度孟买猎头公司NuGridConsulting Pvt. Ltd.的总经理穆沙尔Sanjay Muthal说,你表现得越有兴趣,得到的反而越少。



  3. 不要主动问薪水问题

  安全服务提供商杰富仕公司G4S PLC负责北非、中东、南亚区域的人力资源主管帕克尔Zak Parker说,应聘者不应该主动提出薪水问题,因为这会让人觉得你满脑子只想着钱。