圣诞祝福语中文版 1、With the advent of Christmas, I said to my parents, "always safe." Let this peaceful melody accompany you through your whol...

1、With the advent of Christmas, I said to my parents, "always safe." Let this peaceful melody accompany you through your whole life!

2、On this holy holiday, send a simple blessing to my beloved: Merry Christmas!







9、For you, I am filled with gratitude. Christmas is coming. Actually, I have many thanks to be continued.


11、Listen, Santa Claus's bell, go and see, how come back so soon, what, take out the garbage, don't be too hasty!


13、Haven't you received any gifts yet? Then go to sleep. Your burping sound frightens Santa Claus.

14、Merry Christmas, my dear! I will let my love grow old with you, until the end of time, my heart will never change.

15、Because of love, life turns into happiness. Because of you, this Christmas is happy.


17、When I touch the cold keyboard, I hesitate you, distant memories flow in my tears, only silently wish you a merry Christmas!



20、Know how to enjoy, how to share. There are countless beautiful things in life. Happy, Merry Christmas, my friends!


22、Christmas Eve, please give me the opportunity to spend with you. Can small requests satisfy me?


24、Christmas Eve in the new millennium will be with you forever! Let Santa Claus pack our two sincere hearts, know each other and live this life together!


26、The first thing I think of is you. The first thing I love you is me. Let's spend Christmas together for the first time. Happy Christmas, baby!

27、The white snow is floating, the deer bell is knocking, and the sweet christmas eve is coming. Small hands swing, dance long, happy how beautiful!



30、Let's spread the bell of Christmas and spread our love and praise to the world.


32、Warm hearted wishes for an old fashioned Christmas and a happy New Year filled with all your favorite things!

33、Christmas, Santa Claus, you and I, in this day, I want to say to you, you are the most beautiful in the world, I love you most in this life!

34、Christmas is coming again. I hope this year's Christmas will be with my loved ones. I want to ask you, are you willing to be the person I love?

35、I've succeeded in miniaturization, and will shrink down to greet you in the socks of the people I care about on Christmas Eve: Merry Christmas!


37、On this snowy day, I wish my best wishes can drive away the cold outside the window. I wish you a happy and safe Christmas forever!

38、The wind kisses, phrases, Santa Claus across thousands of miles, to convey our love, Santa Claus as a witness, love you for 10,000 years.


40、Dear, Merry Christmas, do you know who I am? This question may not be important to you, but I care about it very much.







47、Christmas Eve we go to a dinner party, Christmas Eve we go to sing, carnival night we go to disco. I want us to be together!


49、I must go to my house at Christmas. I must go there!

50、May the bright and festive glow of Christmas candle warm the days all the year through! Hope you will have a wonderful time enjoying Christmas Day and wish you a New Year that is happy in every way!


52、Christmas greetings, happy memories, Human Kinship and the warmth of heaven are all approaching us today.


54、Love is silent, love is eternal. Christmas in the snow, baby, our hearts are embraced!


56、Deep wishes, silk friendship, string of miss, into a gift, stay in your heart, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! uuuuuuuuuuu

57、Merry Christmas! It's not only on special days that I think of you, but Christmas will surely bring you my blessings!


59、May the bright and festive Christmas candlelight warm you every day and night of the year as your smile fills my heart all the time!

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