双语祝福语手抄报 1、拨动真诚的心弦,铭记成长的辛酸,成功的道路上永远离不开您,亲爱的老师,祝您永远幸福! 2、You are a gardener, take care of every flower carefully, you are a candle, burning your...


2、You are a gardener, take care of every flower carefully, you are a candle, burning yourself just to show us the way, you are great, we worship, we respect.



5、Hope that today, all teachers will smile from their hearts, for the sake of peach and plum all over the world! As long as the teacher is happy, we will be happy!


7、Learn more profound knowledge, know more interesting classmates, your life will be more exciting!



10、May you continue to work hard, make progress, learn well and live well in the new semester!


12、Thank you for your teaching on this journey of life. It is you who have given me endless confidence and courage, lighted the lamp of hope for me, and enabled me to roam in the sea of knowledge.

13、Pull sincere heartstrings, bear in mind the bitterness of growth, the road to success can never be separated from you, dear teacher, I wish you happiness forever!

14、You are a beautiful gardener in the garden. You expect the flowers carefully cultivated to blossom. Time makes this a reality. You show a satisfied smile.





19、"Big ROC bird" sings here, flowers blossom here, here give you a pair of wings, you will take off here, here is the sea of knowledge, here is the priceless palace.


21、Teacher, inadvertently your hair is white. May the light wind blow your white hair, and the bright moon shine on your white hair. Make you young forever! May you always be healthy!


23、Open the door of learning, learn knowledge; open the door of interest, learn methods; open the door of tolerance, learn to be happy; open the door of wisdom, learn to adapt; open the door of sincerity, learn to get along.

24、Danxin reflects the sun and the moon, watering new flowers with sincerity. Autumn fruits are full of fruits and peaches and plums. All poems and songs can not extol the respect and gratitude to teachers.

25、Although bamboo shoots are tender, they are not afraid of heavy pressure, dare to struggle, dare to rise to the top.

26、Mentor! I call innumerably in my heart, you are old because of us, we are proud of you! Happy Teacher's Day!






32、The new semester is coming. I wish you success in your studies. I wish you a rainbow in your dreams and a dragon in your dreams.

33、Happy holidays, happy and relaxed; New semester, refueling struggle. At the beginning of school, I wish you a better academic progress and a better life.

34、No money, no profit, only hope peach and plum to teach the national newspaper, willing to teach to the old. Dear teacher, we must take care of our health!

35、May you create new miracles with hard sweat in the new school year. Warm family, evergreen friendship, successful career, academic progress, dream come true.



38、Cheng is the ladder for the modest to advance and the slide for the proud to retreat.

39、I would like to condense my wishes and gratitude to you. May every year and every day of your life be filled with happiness and joy!

40、Use habits and wisdom to create miracles, and use ideals and confidence for motivation.

41、Face the rising sun, carry the young book bags, call the familiar friends, March to the lively school, cherish the hot years, create their own brilliance.





46、Not from the muddy path to step on the road covered with flowers.

47、Long-lost smiling faces welcome you, familiar classroom waiting for you, temporary new textbooks inspire you, wise teachers cultivate you, active campus belongs to you!

48、Without wind and waves, there would be no brave tide maker, no thorns, and no unyielding pioneers.


50、Only by striving to open up can the curved bamboo be whipped into a straight bamboo.

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