母亲节英汉祝福语 1、Maternal love is a great flame, the only force that can make death surrender, the greatest force in the world. 2、轻轻一声问安,将我心中的祝福化作阳光般...

1、Maternal love is a great flame, the only force that can make death surrender, the greatest force in the world.


3、Mother! You are a clam, I am a pearl, outside the robbers come, only you, is I in the whole vicious deep-sea floating boat!


5、After all these years, I realized that the person who loves me most is you, mom.

6、May you enjoy your ease in the days that belong to you and make up for your hard work this year.


8、Mother's love is like snow, pure without time; Mother's love is like snow, small but moisten my heart; Mother's love is like snow, everywhere, full of heart.

9、I am a bird flying out of the eaves of my hometown. Every feather grows with your affectionate caress and earnest instruction.

10、Diamonds are shining, no maternal love is shining, the sea is infinite, not as broad as maternal love, dear mother, I wish you a happy Mother's Day.

11、You are a big tree, spring leaning on your fantasy, summer leaning on your lush, autumn leaning on your maturity, winter leaning on your meditation.

12、The passage of time can make the skin wrinkled day by day, in my mind you are forever young mother.





17、In such a season, I would like to convey my sincere wishes to you, and I hope happiness will always be with you.


19、Mom, my daughter has grown up and no longer wears your skirts and goes through the spring, autumn, winter and summer.

20、Mom, I was a very caring bird beside you. Today it brings you a bunch of fragrant flowers.


22、Gently say hello, my heart's blessing into the warm sunshine, eternally in your eyes, your heart.


24、Thank you, mom. You gave me life and gave me selfless love to have me today.

25、Mama, your arms are the warmest. No matter how far I go, my heart will always love you.



28、Everything else in the world is false and empty. Only motherly love is real, eternal and immortal.


30、Mom, I thank you for giving me life, is you taught me the truth of life, no matter what the future, I will always love you!


32、Mother is the only good thing in the world, there is no world without heaven, there is no me without you, thank you for everything you bring me.



35、Mom, thank you for years of hard nurturing, making me grow up and make me successful.


37、Through the storm and baptism, I hope you will always be as strong as ever. I turn my thoughts into blessings, with you for three hundred and sixty-five days.


39、Some people say that there is no everlasting love in the world. I said no! A mother's love is eternal, and she is a star that never falls.


41、Mother's love selfless, accompany my life; love boundless, give me warmth; Grace infinite, give me strength; meaning boundless, with me!




45、Mother, how let the world's children admire the words; maternal love, how like a quiet harbor nurturing our growth.

46、All thoughts, but also a combination of endless gratitude and admiration, may your festival filled with bright, safe.

47、On Mother's day, may you always be healthy and beautiful. Everything is going smoothly. Send flowers, send my deep blessing!

48、What is maternal love? When our hearts are empty, maternal love is a drop of sweet dew, bit by bit nourishing my heart.

49、Every child is the treasure of the palm of her mother's heart. Every mother is a child's home. Happy mother's day.





54、The heart of your son is always on your mind; your happiness is the pursuit of my life. Thank you very much! Dear mother!



57、The countless thoughts of the infinite blessing, silently pray for you, I wish you health and happiness.

58、The moment you landed, you smiled and I cried. In the instant of success, I laughed, but you cried. I love you, mom.



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